About Us

All Bathroom Remodelers are NOT The Same.

We help Houston homeowners avoid the HASSLES and STRESS of going through a bathroom remodel with the WRONG contractor.  Our approach is simple: we offer a step-by-step process with up-front pricing, support you with clear and consistent communication, and manage your build to ELIMINATE CHAOS. 

As you might have imagined, Houston can be like the wild west when it comes to hiring contractors.  Many say the same things, but only the top tier consistently deliver on their promises. 

Here’s who we are, and what we stand for:


If you’ve ever experienced the stress of a bad remodel, you’ll never want to go through it again.

The truth is, many remodelers aren’t very good at the actual thing you’re hiring them for: construction and project management.  Of course, they won’t tell you this up front.  Most will simply say “everything is going to be fine,” while leaving you with that uncomfortable gut feeling that something isn’t quite right.

With Simplicity, you won’t have to worry about a stressful, poorly-planned, or badly-executed remodel.  We thoughtfully plan and coordinate your project before construction begins with our proprietary, point-by-point production process, to ensure your bathroom gets completed on-time and on-spec.

Our teams begin your remodel with a clear plan of action, and don’t show up unannounced.  You won’t need to manage the work yourself, as we carefully oversee your project via in-house construction management.  You can expect thorough dust control measures, daily clean-ups, and no trash left in your home or yard.  If we miss something (we’re human, after all!), simply let us know and we WILL take care of it.

All our construction processes are designed to minimize YOUR hassle, stress, and lifestyle disruption.


Most contracting companies force you to work with their salespeople, who often have extremely limited design and construction knowledge.  They will not provide pricing until you have sat through their consultant-developed sales presentations in your home or at their office, often delivered in slide-by-slide format on an iPad or similar tablet.  Often, these sales “hunters” are paid strictly on commission, and may have only worked at their company a short time.  As a result, there can be significant disconnects between what a salesperson promises and what actually happens on your project.  The root issue at hand is that salespeople are only paid to sell.  They aren’t experts at building; they’re experts at influencing people.

As our client, you will avoid this unnecessary nonsense and work directly with our company owner, Brian Horton.  Brian has a master’s degree and more than twenty years’ experience in construction, and has designed, built, and managed hundreds of bathroom remodels since founding Simplicity in 2014.

We won’t make you sit through an iPad presentation (AKA “no pressure in-home quote”) to get a price or other details.  Instead, we offer a pricing guide right here on our website, to help you budget appropriately.  We’ll also discuss your custom project by phone or Zoom, before you decide to have us consult in your space.  

When we meet, we’ll attack the details together and help you continuously “zoom in” in the project you’re after.  If you need professional services to get there, we’re happy to offer them, and we’ll communicate clearly regarding next steps.  Pricing and scope options are straightforward, and you won’t have to haggle.  There are no monthly “sales,” “free stuff” offers, or other fake discounts commonly utilized by the plastic bath companies, whose focus is sales and marketing, NOT the craft.  This is not how experts sell things, and that’s not how we operate at Simplicity.

WHY would you do this another way?


A wise man once said, “To run a good business, you have to answer your phone.”

Sadly, poor communication is pervasive throughout the remodeling industry.  In fact, lack of communication is the #1 most serious problem reported in working with builders (and, by extension, contractors and remodelers).  To make matters worse, it typically comes in a package deal with its ugly brethren: miscommunication, misinformation, and disorganization.  If you’ve ever experienced avoidable problems, issues, and stress due to shoddy communication, you know how absolutely infuriating it can be!

As our client, you can expect frequent communication via call and text.  We understand your bathroom renovation is a major investment, and you’re trusting us to take care of you, so we’ll always keep you in the loop, and never leave your text or voicemail unreturned – period.

In this day and age, anyone you do business with should offer you their personal cell number.  In keeping with this, all of our clients receive the company owner’s personal cell number.


“It’s just business” is an annoying, outdated expression that’s usually paired with getting the short end of a deal.  

This is NOT how we treat you.  Our clients choose us to help them achieve a specific result, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.  At the same time, we recognize the need to be easy to work with and flexible in our approach.  After all, we aren’t selling widgets on Amazon here.

As a homegrown Texas company, we LOVE our AWESOME state and its values, and relish the opportunity to serve our fellow Houstonians.  Our clients get the financial stability and staying power of a large company, along with the quality, friendly service, and individual attention of a smaller enterprise.  No client is just a number

We’ve put a ton of up-front information right here on our site to help you plan appropriately for your bath remodel before you ever pick up the phone.  When you reach out to us, we’ll shoot you straight and treat you with respect, without pretense or nonsense.  If we can’t help you, we will let you know politely, and try to point you in the right direction.  This is what being “small enough to care” is all about, and it’s the reason most folks prefer to hire locally.

As your neighbor, our first and only goal is to honor God by serving you well. 



You can’t be an expert at everything.

From our founding in 2014, we made a decision to specialize in custom showers and bathrooms.  This niche focus has allowed us to provide you, our customer, better detail management and a smoother, more consistent experience, versus hiring a general contractor, home improvement company, or bath franchise.

As specialists, we build high-quality, technically-superior bathrooms or showers to meet your unique needs.   We aren’t a generic contractor, and we don’t offer every service under the sun.  Instead, we build a lot of bathrooms, and we build them well.

Check out our photosvideosfaqs, and online reviews to get a sample of our approach to sound waterproofing and construction techniques.  We don’t take competency lightly!


Ever had that “icky” feeling that the workers in your home are unhappy and underpaid?

We won’t put you through this.  Instead, we utilize a stringent hiring and evaluation process that ensures we only work with the top 5% of carpenters, tile setters, and other tradespeople in the industry, and we pay wages that reward our workmen for their efforts.  Our teams have been experts in their trades for years, and they have our respect and appreciation.

In return, you get a job well-done, without having to worry about underqualified, inexperienced installers working in your home.

This isn’t revolutionary stuff, but most contractors simply don’t operate this way.  Instead, they take the antagonistic approach of negotiating hard with their employees and subcontractors, or even picking up help from the Home Depot parking lot, so they can minimize labor costs.  The reason they do this, of course, is to win more jobs at lower prices.  While this might sound good on paper or in an office setting, in reality this practice leads to many problems that can derail or destroy your remodel, and you’d be wise to avoid contractors who operate this way.

Ultimately, we believe that folks who work with their hands and earn their living by the sweat of their brow should be able to support their families and not get squeezed to death by white-collar business owners.

We call our cooperative approach “Fair Trade Remodeling.”


  • “We love our new open shower! I have never had such pleasant and professional crew during a remodel. Now, I will have to start saving up so that I can afford a remodel of the hall bathroom!”–B. Earthman
  • “Loving the shower. Don’t want to get out!”–T. Firnhaber
  • At first, I winced at the estimate. But when the end result was WAY over my expectations, those worries turned into a ‘happy dance.’ It was a pleasant experience from start to finish. Watching your tile setter was like watching an artist create a masterpiece. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how much I love my new shower.”–S. Jeschke
  • “The kids love their shower. It won’t be long before I convince my husband that we need to upgrade our master bath!”–S. Sedlacek
  • “I will always recommend your company.”–K. Griffin
  • “We spoke with a handful of contractors and decided to go with Simplicity after meeting Brian, the owner. He spent a lot of time with us upfront showing us samples before providing a quote that same day. The team was on time and cleaned up at the end of each day. We are now looking to remodel our master bath after being very impressed with how the last job turned out.”-Drew R.
  • “I'm so glad we went with Simplicity Bath for our bath to shower conversion. The professionalism of this company is top notch. The owner helped with the design, clearly communicated each step of the process, and most importantly, he did exactly what he said he would do in the time he said he would do it. The skilled crew was friendly, arrived on time each day, and cleaned up any mess when they left. I'd definitely recommend this company for your bath or shower remodel!”-J. Wagner
  • “We love our new shower so much! Thank you, Brian, for helping us to choose the right tile, colors, door, and everything. During the initial consultation, Brian came prepared with samples, pictures, and everything else we might need to make a decision. The installers were always here on time, and they did a great job.”-R. Woolley
  • “We still can't believe it's the same bathroom! From the initial meeting, until completion of the project, we were impressed. The attention to detail and desire to make our bathroom exactly what we envisioned was right on. We are thrilled with the end result and strongly recommend Brian and his team. This is a business you can trust!”-K. Irwin
  • “We needed a handicapped accessible shower (roll in) and we got just what we wanted. It is beautiful. We got a new countertop to match and all in 3 1/2 days. Brian and his crew are delightful to work with. I recommend this company most highly and without reservation.”-C. Sellers

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