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Our Bathroom Remodels in Houston, Midtown, Memorial, & West University

Your bathroom should be a place you LOVE.  If your current bathroom is ugly, outdated, or not super functional, and you plan to stay for the long haul, consider a full bath remodel.  On the other hand, if there are certain pieces of your bathroom you want to keep, or if you plan on selling your home within a few years, a partial bath remodel could be more appropriate.

At Simplicity, we serve both of these needs.


Our Design-Build Approach

Simplicity Luxury Powder Bath Remodel, Museum District, Houston

The biggest differences between contractors are found in their ability to organize and manage these projects.

All bathroom remodels should begin with design, space planning, selections, and preparation.  Even a small guest or half bath remodel has many moving parts, and most involve a half dozen plus trades.  To avoid chaos and missed deadlines, your entire project should be ready to build, with all materials selected, received and on-hand, before any work starts.

This approach makes the most sense in all but very rare cases.  However, a significant amount of residential remodeling work is not performed this way.  Instead, projects like these are often started hastily, and pieces are filled in as work progresses.  This is a recipe for longer and more stressful builds, as many Houston homeowners (who hired the wrong contractor) will attest.

With Simplicity, our careful approach to building bathrooms is modeled on “design-build” principles.  All details are decided before your job begins, which eliminates ambiguity AND builder-issued change orders due to unclear contracts.  This approach may take a little longer and involve a few more guided decisions, BUT it gives you a rock-solid understanding of what is going to be built before anyone shows up to swing the first (sledge) hammer on your bath remodel. 

In short, design-build is all about working with the right group of professionals from the very beginning, so you can avoid the hassles and pitfalls of working with typical contractors.




Work With Experts + Avoid Sales Hassles

Complete master bath remodel in downtown Houston, TX townhome, completed 2018 by Simplicity Bath.

Simplicity Master Bathroom Remodel In 3-Story Townhome, Downtown Houston, TX

Our clients often tell us they appreciate our expertise, thoroughness, and attention to detail.  This is what you should expect when you hire professionals.

This starts even before we meet.  We begin every client relationship with an honest and open conversation about what you’d like to accomplish, and how we can help you get there.  To guide you properly, we’d like to understand who your remodel will serve, and why you’re wanting this work now.  We’ll share average pricing, along with timelines and other helpful info, right from our first call.  If you don’t feel we’re a fit, you won’t have to sit through an in-home meeting, and you just saved a ton of time!  This is how all remodeling should work in the 2020s.

With our guidance through design, you won’t get bogged down with selections paralysis, or end up down a rabbit hole with an overdesigned project that blows up your budget.

In fact, we’ll work closely with you through the entire process, from your initial concepts to the final reveal.  Your project should meet your taste and style (not ours), and stay within budget.  You are the ultimate the decision-maker, and you get to decide what works!



Bathroom Remodels: Price Vs. Scope

Simplicity Bathroom Remodel With Freestanding Tub in Green Trails Neighborhood, Katy, TX

Some of our clients want fancy, while others want simple, with a few added touches.  Others need only a functional bathroom or shower that’s built to last.  Regardless of scope, we can help you achieve what you’re after.

Your initial personal planning and budgeting are critical to success!  As the saying goes, it’s better to do a little bit right, than a whole lot wrong.  If you find out you want a larger project than you’ve budgeted for, we’ll either help you “de-scope,” or we can discuss financing options.

We usually do not recommend the DIY approach.  Many clients have told us that getting their bathroom done right the first time was extremely important.  For the sake of your happiness and continued marital bliss, it’s worth the investment to hire the right people, even if that means doing a smaller overall project. 

Basic, pull-and-replace bath remodels start at $25,000 for small bathrooms with a single wet area and sink.  Custom bath remodels start at $40,000 for the same size space, and are planned and built under our Design Build program.  Final bathroom costs depend on scope, square footage, and selections choices.  For more general information on pricing, see our Pricing Guide

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