Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In Tubs For Houston-Area Homeowners

For senior citizens, as well as mobility-challenged, handicapped, and special-needs persons in the Houston area, we offer walk-in tubs from SanSpa.  These bathtubs offer a seated, tub-style bathing experience, where most of your body is able to be submerged.  You enter the tub via a low, safe threshold, and an outward-swinging door with an easy-to-operate latch that provides for a watertight seal.


Why Choose A Walk-In Tub?

While a walk-in tub is not the perfect solution for everyone, in certain situations, these tubs can make a big difference in quality of life.  According to the CDC, 80% of all slip-and-fall accidents happen in the bathroom.  With this in mind, we advise clients who would like to maintain the ability to take a traditional tub bath, but who have mobility and safety concerns, to consider a walk-in tub as an alternative to a conventional bathtub.  In some cases, walk-in tubs are prescribed by doctors and caregivers for particular sets of circumstances, including muscle and joint therapy.

We will install your walk-in tub in your bathroom of choice.  Sometimes, this involves completing additional work such as permanently widening doorways, running new dedicated electrical circuits inside or outside of your home, and modifying flooring and plumbing in your bathroom.  We’ll discuss all the work that needs to be completed to make a walk-in tub work in your bathroom at our on-site meeting, and prepare a fixed-price proposal for your approval.


Features Of Our Walk-In Bathtubs

SanSpa walk-in bathtubs include a range of features and options such as:

  • Out-swing, slide-in door models for ease of access
  • Hydrotherapy options including water jets and air jets
  • Therapeutic water jets for the back, calves, and feet
  • Sizes including compact, mid-size, and large
  • ADA compliant grab bars for advanced functionality
  • Non-slip surfaces on the bath floor and seat
  • Easily-operated door latch that prevents bathroom flooding
  • Anti-scald systems to regulate max water temperature 
  • High-flow valve to fill the tub up quickly
  • Hand held shower for more comfortable bathing
  • Quick drain systems to facilitate a faster exit from the tub
  • Acrylic construction for ease of cleaning


Our Walk-In Tubs Are Made Well And Built To Last

Of all the walk-in tub manufacturers in the market, SanSpa is exceptional in building solid tubs that are reliable and long-lasting.  SanSpa also offers a lifetime warranty, and sends replacement parts for their tubs whenever needed, without hassle.  Their customer service has been fast and responsive, and we can call the owner of the business directly when needed.  In this day and age, that says quite a bit.

Any walk-in tub needs to be able to stand up to continuous wear and tear, so this is not a product category where you want to go cheap.  In keeping with this, as with our other product offerings, our walk-in tubs are made to high standards and include a manufacturer warranty on the tub itself, paired with an installation warranty from Simplicity.

There are generally two kinds of tubs, fiberglass and acrylic.  Fiberglass tubs are less expensive, but the gelcoat will wear out if not maintained appropriately.  Acrylic tubs, like the ones we offer from SanSpa, are more durable, easier to clean, and longer-lasting.

No-frills soaking tubs in this category start at $15,000 installed, with higher-end models and more difficult installations running as high as $30,000 or more.  Here is a video of one of these projects we recently installed for a client in a suburb of Houston, TX:



We occasionally work with senior care companies and commercial facilities for single or bulk orders of these items.  If you would like more information for either commercial or residential walk-in bathtubs, call us at 832-464-7251.  You can also reach out by completing our form on this page.


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