Bathroom and Shower Remodeling in Cypress, TX

Bathroom and Shower Remodeling in Cypress, TX

Once home to mostly rural areas and farms, Cypress is now one of the most developed and growing suburbs in Texas, as part of the booming Houston metro. 

The Cypress area has many older homes that are 25 – 40 years old, as well as many new homes, especially in the Bridgeland master-planned community.  Although older homes are typically more active when it comes to remodeling, both older and newer homes can benefit from bathroom remodels to achieve increased personal enjoyment and added real estate value.  

For older homes in Cypress, we are seeing more projects such as shower remodels and complete bath remodels, while for newer homes (less than ten years old), safety-oriented tub-to-shower conversions and countertop replacements are more common.

Many of our clients in Cypress are looking to remodel their bathrooms by expanding the shower space, updating the look and feel of the colors and finishes in the room, and maximizing storage space and daily usage efficiency.  Some are even wanting complete transformations where walls are knocked down or moved in order to expand the bathroom’s footprint into adjacent areas.  Our project scopes range from a small shower remodel on one end, to a full “gut” bathroom remodel on the other.

Here are a few of our most common services:

  • Full and partial bathroom remodels – If you’re ready to start from scratch, or, complete a more in-depth project than just a shower remodel, we’ll walk you through the decisions and selections involved in this process.  These projects cost more and require more time than what most of the internet will tell you, so we’re here to provide proper expectations and straightforward guidance to help you achieve your dream.
  • Vanity and countertop replacement – New wood vanities, fresh countertops and sinks are a great way to give your bathroom a boost.  We will help you select the wood species, stains, paints, and glazes to maximize your look, as well as the countertops and faucets to finish your new cabinetry off.
  • Bathtub to shower conversions – Many homeowners today are choosing to get rid of their bathtub or bathtub/shower combo and upgrade to a larger, shower-only space that’s roomier and more functional. If you have a tub that you’d like convert into a shower, this project must be carefully executed in order to avoid future leaks.  
  • Custom shower remodels – Whether your shower is old and outdated, or simply too small for you or your family’s needs, we offer shower remodels of all sizes, and we offer a choice of two product types: grout-free solid surface, and TCNA-compliant custom tile.  When you call us, we will discuss your needs and preferences and help you determine which product is a great fit for you.

Why Work With Simplicity Bath & Shower

Your bathroom is the first room you enter after waking up, the last room you leave before going to bed, and often, a place where you spend significant time in between.  It is a place you should feel comfortable and happy.  Therefore, who you hire to remodel your bathroom absolutely matters.  Choosing the right bathroom contractor can improve your quality of life, while choosing the wrong one can mean sleepless nights, hassles, stress, and a problematic finished product.

Here are a few reasons our Cypress clients specifically choose us to remodel this important space:

  • We Are Bathroom Specialists – As a company, we have exclusively remodeled bathrooms since 2014.  This means we have seen and conquered many weird situations when it comes to our clients’ baths.  We’ve tackled mold cleanups, wood repairs, post-tension cable problems, structural re-framing, awkward odor issues, adding bathrooms to an existing floorplan, and many more projects where a contractor who “does it all” might not have been able to perform.  Most contractors choose to be mediocre at ten different things, versus being a top-notch PRO at only one.  We’ve chosen the latter course, and this has made all the difference for our clients.
  • Time-Tested Process & Methods – In building bathrooms day in and day out, we have developed methods and systems that make our workflow more organized and efficient, resulting in a smoother experience for our homeowners.  As an expert, our clients trust us to set proper expectations up front, from the very beginning, and then deliver on what we promise throughout the project.  In keeping with this, we have developed plans for adapting to and overcoming the various issues that commonly arise and cause “kinks” in bathroom remodels.
  • Personal Service & Communication – When you work with us, we make you a priority.  Every client matters to Simplicity Bath, and you won’t get “lost” amongst our workload.  We recognize that bathroom projects are a significant investment in your home and quality of life, and, as such, we are concerned with both the experience we deliver AND your finished product.  To ensure that any questions and concerns throughout the project are addressed, all clients get a dedicated project manager, and receive the company owner’s personal cell phone number.

Get in Touch With Our Team in Cypress, TX

If it’s time to remodel your bathroom or shower and you live in or near Cypress, give us a call. We’ll discuss your project and ask questions to understand what you’re wanting to accomplish, then make specific recommendations to help you get there.  We’ll even discuss typical timing and pricing for your project before our on-site visit.

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