Our Bathroom And Shower Remodeling Services in Katy, TX

Our Bathroom And Shower Remodeling Services in Katy, TX

Katy, Texas is one of Houston’s most desirable suburbs. It was founded in the late 19th century as a railroad town, and has grown substantially over the past few decades as an appealing, family-friendly place with big-city proximity.

After many years of new residential housing development, many Katy homes are approaching the age where it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel.

Katy neighborhoods with aging housing stock include Cinco Ranch, Nottingham Country, Grand Lakes, Green Trails, Falcon Ranch, Windsor Park Lakes, and Woodcreek Reserve, among others, as well as the “Old Katy” areas north of I-10, where neighborhoods such as Village Green West were primarily built in the 1990s. We have even worked in newer areas of Katy such as Trails of Katy, Firethorne, and Tamarron.

When Should I Consider Upgrading Or Remodeling A Bathroom?

Builder-grade bathrooms and showers can show real signs of aging as early as the five-to-ten-year mark.  At fifteen to twenty years old, many have leaks or other serious problems, or no longer meet the needs of the homeowners.  By thirty years old, any remaining original bath items are usually in bad shape, and we have seen many sit unused due to leaks or other problems that effectively render them “out of service” until the issues are professionally addressed.

For elective bath remodels or upgrades where there is no urgent need, many people will put these off until the kids move out of the home, or until they retire.  Often, homeowners will simply live with a less-than-optimal situation while they plan and budget for a solution.

On the other hand, when there are urgent problems such as with plumbing or tile leaks, the best time to fix a problem is as soon as you discover it!  If you allow unaddressed bathroom or shower problems to “fester,” bigger problems can result.  Even small shower leaks can lead to odors, mold, and wood or sheetrock damage, which increases your cost to rectify the situation.


What Are The Most Common Bathroom Remodeling Projects In Katy?

Every suburb has its own unique tastes and trends when it comes to home remodeling projects, and Katy is no different.  

While we build many different styles of bathrooms and showers for clients in all stages of life here, we have found that the majority of Katy homeowners seek an affordable luxury finish level, with low-maintenance products that will last a long time and provide a solid ROI (return on investment) when and if they ever sell their home.

Here are our most common bathroom remodeling projects in the Katy, TX area: 

  • Solid-surface shower remodelsWe routinely install Onyx Collection solid surface showers, bases, tub surrounds, and countertops for our clients in Katy.  These products are Made in the USA and shipped straight from the manufacturer to us, which cuts out the middle man.

    Onyx offers a clean, modern look, contains no grout, and comes in at a more attractive price than custom tile work, without being a flimsy plastic or acrylic material.  We take our time to install these systems properly so they will last a lifetime, and all of our Onyx showers and countertops include a lifetime guarantee.
  • Tub-to-shower conversions Tubs are great, but for families with teenagers, as well as retired couples and the elderly, a walk-in shower is a superior option.  With a tub to shower conversion, we eliminate the typical 13-15” stepover height of a tub, and instead build a shower with a 2-4” lip, or even a “zero threshold” shower entry, depending on your foundation or subfloor type.

    You can choose from custom tile or Onyx Collection solid surface for this project, or we can even combine the two for a hybrid system that offers the best of both worlds.  We offer complete customization, and build all of our showers using TCNA-compliant waterproofing for permanent leak-free performance.
  • Total bathroom remodels These larger projects can seem a bit intimidating, but we do them all the time, so we’ll guide you every step of the way to design and build the project you want.  Many of our Katy homeowners who want complete bath remodels are after a particular look and feel that suits them, not necessarily something geared around the next buyer of their home.  Sometimes, this means keeping certain items that work for them, and just replacing the ones that don’t.  Other bath remodels spill over into the master bedroom and end up as a complete master suite remodel.  Some clients will even choose to do part of the work on their own, while leaving the most important pieces (often, the shower and/or tub) to us. 

Once your scope, design, and selections are finalized, we’ll manage the building process in-house, from start to finish.

    Why Would I Want To Work With Simplicity Bath?

    First and foremost – we’re your neighbors! As a Katy, TX -based company, we LOVE our community and are thrilled to call Katy our home.  We remodel bathrooms throughout the entire metro Houston area, but we relish the opportunity to serve those in our own backyard.

    If “buying local” is important to you – it certainly is to us – then hiring a bathroom specialist who lives in and works out of our local community in Katy is a “win-win” for everyone.

    Here are a few other reasons why we’re known as The Bathroom Remodeler You Trust in Katy and throughout the Houston metro: 

    • Bathroom and shower remodels are what we do — At Simplicity Bath, we started as a bathroom-only company, and have built nothing but high-quality bathrooms from the very beginning (way back in 2014).  This niche focus allowed us to develop a smooth process that produces consistent, higher-quality outcomes, with greater customization and better detail management than generic contractors.  If there’s one project in your home where it pays to hire a specialist, it’s your bathroom – leaks aren’t fun, and they tend to be expensive!
    • No plastic bathrooms — We pair sturdy products like tile, solid surface, and stone with industry-best, TCNA-compliant installation practices to help you achieve a beautiful, up-to-date bathroom that you’ll enjoy for many years, without the cringe-worthy feeling of thin plastic shower walls.  In fact, we do not offer plastic shower walls, and we are not a “one-day bath” franchise.  Honestly, though…why would you want a plastic shower for your awesome Katy home?  You wouldn’t – at least we don’t think so!
    • Best-paid workers in Houston — We seek out and recruit the best tradespeople in the area, then pay them consistently higher wages than anyone else, so they’ll want to stick around.  Why does this matter?  These are the people who are actually hand-building your bath remodel, and while materials are important, the person who installs them is more important.  Simply put, highly-skilled workers who are appreciated, respected, and paid properly will build better showers and bathrooms on a consistent basis.  Our teams show up when we say they will, and work hard until the job is complete.  

    Constant communication — Working with us means you will never have to worry about your bathroom remodeling contractor “going dark,” pulling a disappearing act, or ignoring your calls and texts.  In fact, we keep our clients continuously updated throughout the ordering, scheduling, and building processes, exactly the way you’d expect.  In addition, every client receives the owner’s personal cell phone number, in case you want to go “straight to the top.”  When your job is complete, we are here for you if you need us.

    Contact Us When You’re Ready To Get Started

    If you live in Katy and want to work with a reputable, 100%-bathroom-focused, Katy-based company to help you remodel your bathroom or shower, Simplicity Bath & Shower is happy to serve you. 

    When you’re ready to get started, call us at 832-464-7251 or request a call from us via our Contact form, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

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