Bathroom And Shower Remodeling Services in Katy

Bathroom And Shower Remodeling Services in Katy, TX

Katy, Texas was founded in the late 19th century as a railroad town, and has since become one of Houston’s most desirable suburbs. It combines the vibrancy of close-by city life with the intimacy and peace of a smaller, more family-friendly town. 

This charm, plus its quality schools and historic town center, has caused the population of Katy to grow considerably over the past few years, and this growth shows no signs of stopping. 

After decades of continuous growth in residential housing development, many homes in Katy are approaching the age where it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel.  Bathrooms and showers can show serious signs of aging as early as the five-to-ten-year mark; after fifteen or twenty years, many have leaks or other serious problems, or no longer meet the needs of the homeowners. 

Bathroom and shower remodels come in many different scopes and sizes. Here are some common bathroom projects we complete in the Katy area: 

  • Full and partial bathroom remodels — If you’re ready to strip away your old bathroom and install something entirely new, we can do this with less mess and in less time than you might imagine.  We’ll help you design your ideal bathroom, and manage the building process from start to finish.  Alternately, if you’d like a fresh look, but aren’t up for a complete remodel, we can help you figure out which changes will have the biggest impact within your budget, and execute on the most important bath remodeling items.
  • Tub-to-shower conversions — Tubs are great, but they’re not for everyone.  They can be hard to get in and out of, and difficult to shower in.  If you’re ready to say goodbye to your tub and replace it with a shower, we can design and build a roomy, easy-access shower with many optional features, including recessed niches and custom bench seats.
  • Cabinets and countertops — Replacing your bathroom vanities and countertops is a great way to make your bathroom more suited to your needs and give it a fresh, new look.  We’ll help you choose the materials (cabinetry, countertops, faucets, mirrors, and lights) and come up with a design that works for you.  Often, cabinetry is built as part of a larger bathroom remodel, but sometimes these items are completed as standalones.
  • Shower remodels — Showers are not only a place to get clean – the right shower can be wonderful for relaxing and thinking.  We can transform your old, small shower into a luxurious new sanctuary by design and building it just the way you want, from the ground up.  We build all of our showers using TCNA-compliant waterproofing for permanent leak-free performance.
  • Walk-in tubs — Although they’re not for everyone, in the right situation, a walk-in tub can make a big difference in quality of life.  For the elderly, they can even help maintain an independent lifestyle by providing a safer bathing experience.  However, walk-in tubs must be properly installed and carefully maintained in order to function for the long term, so the company you hire for this project is very important.  For those who need these special tubs, we offer a first-class experience to help you select the walk-in tub that is right for you, and then plumb and install the tub exactly as required in your space.

Why Work With Simplicity Bath & Shower in Katy, TX?

First and foremost – we’re your neighbors! As a Katy, TX-based company, we LOVE our community and its people, and we’re proud to call Katy our home.  Although we remodel bathrooms throughout the entire metro Houston area, our clients in Katy have helped “put us on the map,” and we relish the opportunity to serve more homeowners here.  If “buy local” is important to you (it certainly is to us), then hiring a quality bathroom specialist who lives in and works out of our local community in Katy is a “win-win” for everyone.

Beyond that, here are some other reasons why we’re known as The Bathroom Remodeler You Trust in Katy and throughout the entire Houston metro area: 

  • Bathroom and shower remodels are our specialty — At Simplicity Bath, we started as a bathroom-only company and have built nothing but high-quality bathrooms from the very beginning (way back in 2014).  This niche focus means we have developed a smoother process that produces higher-quality outcomes, with better detail management than general remodelers, tile guys, and the myriad “jack-of-all-trades” types.  If there’s one room in your home where you want a specialist, it’s your bathroom, as leaks aren’t fun and tend to be expensive!
  • No plastic bathrooms — We pair solid products like tile, solid surface, and stone with industry-best installation practices – not “industry standard” – to help you achieve a beautiful, up-to-date bathroom that you’ll enjoy for many years, without the cringe-worthy feeling of thin plastic shower walls.  In fact, we do not sell and install plastic shower walls, and we are not a “one-day bath” franchise.  Honestly, though…why would you want a plastic shower for your awesome Katy home?  You wouldn’t – at least we don’t think so!
  • Best-paid workers in town — We seek out and recruit the best in the area, and then pay them more than anyone else we know, so they’ll stick around and can help us create your perfect bathroom.  Why does this matter?  Well, simply put, these are the people who are actually hand-building your bath remodel; while materials matter, the person who installs them matters more.  Higher-skilled, better-paid workers produce better work, more consistently than the run-of-the-mill Houston labor pool (which is pretty bad, by the way).  Many tradesmen have come to us over the years with stories of how other contractors have slow-paid them or withheld pay altogether.  We have never done this, and never will.  Our homeowners can trust that our people are respected and appreciated, and that includes being paid promptly and paid well.  As a result, our teams show up when we say they will, and work hard until the job is complete.  
  • Constant communication — Working with us means you will never have to worry about your bathroom remodeling contractor “going dark,” pulling a disappearing act, or ignoring your calls and texts.  In fact, we keep our clients continuously updated throughout the ordering, scheduling, and building processes, exactly the way you’d expect.  When your job is complete, you are here for you if you need us. 

Contact Simplicity Bath For Your Katy Bathroom Remodel

If you live in Katy, Texas and want to work with a reputable, professional, and truly LOCAL company to help you remodel your bathroom or shower, Simplicity Bath & Shower is happy to serve you. 

When you’re ready to get started, call us at 832-464-7251 or request a call from us via our Contact form and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

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