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We Are Houston’s Premier Tub-to-Shower Conversion Experts

A tub-to-shower conversion can provide a roomier and easier-access bathing experience for you, your children, or an elderly relative. It’s also a great way give your bathroom an instant makeover. However, replacing an old bathtub with a new shower is a job that needs to be done exactly right, so it’s best left to the experts.

At Simplicity Bath & Shower, our professionals will turn your old, “blah” bath into a new, WOW shower that is also functional, safe, and properly built, so you won’t have to pay for this project more than once.  We offer turn-key tub and shower replacement and remodeling in the Houston metro area, to bring the 21st century into your bath.

We Build Leak-Free Custom Showers

As a truly custom shower builder, we offer several product choices for your shower conversion.  Unlike most other bath contractors, we are not artificially “hitched” to one brand or product through either dealer agreements or a lack of installation knowledge.  Unfortunately, this is a real thing; homeowners shopping for this project in Houston often only have a choice of standard tile – which is usually installed improperly – or thin, “plastic” acrylic products which are aggressively peddled as “space-age polymers” or “co-polymers,” and installed corner-cuttingly fast, under the “one-day bath moniker.  

Rather than taking this approach, at Simplicity Bath, our goal is to educate and inform so you can make the best choice for you, and then have confidence that your project is built and managed properly, to high standards.  We offer TCNA-compliant, fully-waterproof tile work and a variety of solid surface products, or, we can build with a combination of these to meet your specific needs and style.  We even offer solid stone bases and walls for luxury shower and bath projects.  Once products are chosen, we’ll then set up our teams to build your project with the proper investment of time and effort, so you actually receive what you are paying for – a beautiful, solid tub-to-shower conversion.  

As you can see from our Gallery, we do build a significant amount of tile showers, and it’s important to note that these are built and tested carefully, versus being thrown up hastily.  We understand that time is important and precious, but when it comes to building a permanent solution for your showering needs, we take the time that’s necessary to get the details right and ensure a leak-free final outcome.

One way we can accomplish a lifetime-guaranteed tile shower is with a German-engineered Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing system for the walls and floor.  We have installed many of these systems over the years, and our homeowners who have invested in them have all been pleased.  Many bath companies shy away from building tiled shower floors and will only put in one-piece, pre-fabricated pans, which are easier to install.  We don’t have a problem with well-built single-piece shower floors, and have successfully installed these products many, many times.  In fact, our favorite product for this application is made by a US-owned and -operated manufacturer out of Kansas, known as The Onyx Collection.  However, as was stated before, we want our homeowners to know they CAN select properly-waterproofed tile for the entire shower, and are not limited to one-piece shower floors based on our inexperience or inability to install tile in any wet-area application

Expansive Possibilities to Increase Your Shower Enjoyment

If you’re looking to enlarge and expand your current master bath shower by removing a tub that isn’t getting much use, and combining it’s footprint with that of a small adjacent shower, we will be happy to create one HUGE shower experience for you.  We LOVE these gigantic shower projects!  Despite some understandable pre-purchase concerns about resale value without a tub, and the shower possibly being “too big,” we’ve never had a homeowner be anything but thrilled with the final product.  If a big shower is your number one concern, it may be worth it for you to consider investing in this thoroughly-rewarding project for your master bath.  Pricing for these large, luxury showers starts at $25,000 and can go over $50,000, depending on the exact size and options chosen.

However, if a huge shower conversion is out of the question due to budget or the need to maintain a tub in the master bath, or, if you’d just like to open up and expand an existing “cave” or “phone booth” shower beyond its current footprint, without removing an adjacent tub, we can easily address this, also.  Sometimes, we can move walls or fir-downs to provide a more “open” feeling; other times, there’s room to bring the shower out towards the entrance, rather than making it larger in width.  For all custom shower remodels and tub-to-shower conversions, we offer built-from-scratch solutions to enlarge, update, and transform your current problem area into a shower that is AMAZING!    


Tub-to-Shower Conversion Process

To get started, please text or email pictures of your current bath or shower setup, and then give us a call at 832-464-7251.  We’ll spend some time discussing your expectations and requirements for the project, and learn what’s most important to you, so we can offer proper guidance.  We’ll provide straightforward price ranges and go over any concerns you may have, to ensure we’re a good fit for your project.  Once you approve the initial scope of work, we’ll firm up your design and selections, collect your deposit, and get you on our schedule.

Once you’re on our schedule, we begin the significant back-end planning that’s required to make this project come to life in your home.  As you might have guessed, there’s a lot more to a proper tub-to-shower conversion than what you see on HGTV and the “One-Day-Bath” infomercials.  Rest assured, once the project begins, our team will show up prepared with dust control and flooring protection measures ready to be put in place.  Throughout the process, we will treat your home with respect and deliver on what we promise, making any adjustments as needed.

Here’s our construction process, in brief:

  1. We begin by removing your old tub or shower area back to the studs, using clean, dust-conscious work practices. We do a full shower tear-out on every job so we can ensure there are no framing, pest, mold, or plumbing issues before we begin to rebuild with our high-quality materials.
  2. We’ll check the layout and condition of the existing pipes and plumbing. If needed, we’ll conduct repairs or replace them. Our focus is always on building your new shower without the need for extensive reworking, where possible.  As part of our plumbing work, we’ll upgrade you to a pressure-balancing shower valve that helps control temperature fluctuations, and then test all connections.
  3. We will prep the shower walls and floor, and then install TCNA-compliant waterproofing for your chosen shower system.
  4. We build your shower according to industry best practices, NOT industry standard practices, so that the final product exceeds code guidelines, and will remain beautiful and functional for as long as you live in your home.
  5. We’ll review the work at completion, make any adjustments or touch-ups you require, and “hand over the keys” once it’s completely finished!

Specialized Solutions for Safety

If safety is the most important aspect of your shower remodel, we’ve got you covered.  We have worked with hundreds of very happy senior citizens and mobility-impaired individuals, and their caretakers, who engaged with us to satisfy their very specific safety and access requirements for a tub-to-shower conversion.  Getting the details right is critical, and it often takes time and thought to achieve the right solution.  We’re happy to think “outside the box” to help you get there, and, as a design-build bathroom company, we do not limit our clients to “off the shelf” solutions.

We also understand that beauty is important.  Most of our clients are not just satisfied with “safe” – your new daily-use shower needs to look like it belongs in, and adds value to, your home.  In keeping with this, we are proud to have built some very attractive walk-in showers and handicapped-accessible showers over the years.  In order to accomplish both beauty and function, we will need to walk through and lay out the details of the project in your home, showing you samples of products and providing recommendations based on ADA guidelines and/or your unique situation and needs.  Your options can include widening doors and entry-ways, showers with low-height or “zero” thresholds, adding grab bars, moving or adding plumbing features, and installing custom shower seats that are convenient to faucet controls, soap niches, and handrails.

If a walk-in shower isn’t the best answer for you, and you need a more immersive bathing experience, check out our high-quality walk-in bathtubs from SanSpa, designed specifically for easy-access tub bathing.

In short, when you call us about your project, expect to get straightforward, expert advice and recommendations, rather than fluff and sales talk.  We know you are looking for a solution, not a sales pitch.  Spend as long as you’d like checking out our website and reviews, then give us a call at 832-464-7251 when you’re ready to get started.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  If you’d like to know if we serve your area, simply give us a call.  In general, our service footprint covers most of Greater Houston, including Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Magnolia, Energy Corridor, Memorial, and Inside the Loop.

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